Ashbery, week 1 (January 14)

readings from Library of America Collected Poems:

[Note: "PS" indicates that an audio recording of Ashbery performing this poem is available at PennSound's Ashbery page. You should listen to all recordings of the poem at PennSound.]

from Some Trees:
The Instruction Manual [PS]
The Grapevine [PS]
The Picture of Little J.A. in a Prospect of Flowers [PS]
Some Trees [PS]
The Painter [PS]
And You Know [PS]

from The Tennis Court Oath:
The Tennis Court Oath [PS]
“They Dream Only of America” [PS]
Rain [PS]
White Roses
Faust [PS]
The New Realism [PS]
Europe [Read this note on "Europe"; and this too]

from Rivers and Mountains:
These Lacustrine Cities [PS] [Listen to Ashbery's discussion of the poem.]
Rivers and Mountains [PS] 
Into the Dusk-Charged Air [PS]
The Ecclesiast [PS]
A Blessing in Disguise
The Skaters [PS] [Read abstract of essay about this difficult poem; & read Charles Bernstein on Rivers and Mountains with emphasis on "The Skaters."]

from The Double Dream of Spring:
The Task [PS]
Soonest Mended [PS] [Read these class notes on this poem.]
It Was Raining in the Capital [PS]
Decoy [PS]
Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape [PS]
Definition of Blue [PS]

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