Ashbery, week 3 (January 28)

Final selection of poems from the Library of America Collected Poems:

Note: "PS" indicates at least one PennSound recording of Ashbery reading the poem; listen to all recordings of each poem. 

from A Wave
At North Farm [PS]
Rain Moving In
Just Walking Around [PS]
The Ongoing Story
Down by the Station, Early in the Morning
Around the Rough and Rugged Rocks the Ragged Rascal Rudely Ran
Purists Will Object [PS]
Ditto, Kiddo
So Many Lives

from April Galleons
Forgotten Sex
No I Don’t
Posture of Unease
Vaucanson [PS]
Disguised Zenith [PS]
October at the Window [PS]
Letters I Did or Did Not Get
Life as a Book That Has Been Put Down
Sighs and Inhibitions
The Big Cloud
Polite Distortions

Selection of poems from Notes from the Air (collected later poems):

from Hotel Lautremont
Light Turnouts
Notes from the Air [PS]
On the Empress’s Mind [PS]
The Phantom Agents
Elephant Visitors [PS]
[untitled]  prose poem
No Good at Names
A Hole in Your Sock
How to Continue

from And the Stars Were Shining
Token Resistance
The Mandrill on the Turnpike
The Love Scenes
Well, Yes, Actually
Mutt and Jeff

from Can You Hear, Bird
A Poem of Unrest
At First I Thought I Wouldn’t Say Anything about It [PS]
No Longer Very Clear [PS]
Operators Are Standing By
Sleepers Awake
The Problem of Anxiety
Today’s Academicians

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