Ashbery, week 2 (January 21)

Readings from the Library of America Collected Poems:

[Note: "PS" = listen to all recordings of Ashbery reading the poem on PennSound.]

from Three Poems
The System [PS; several excerpts] [read Ron Silliman's comment on Three Poems & listen to Ashbery describe the writing of the prose poems]

from Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror
Forties Flick [PS]
Man of Words
The One Thing That Can Save America [PS] [listen to Al trying to get J.A. to talk about this poem]
Tenth Symphony
Fear of Death [PS] [listen to JA commenting on this poem]
Ode to Bill
No Way of Knowing
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror [PS; several excerpts] [read some notes about this poem]

from Houseboat Days
Street Musicians [PS] [read Andrew Epstein on this poem about O'Hara's death]
Unctuous Platitudes [PS]
The Explanation
Business Personals [PS]
Saying It to Keep It from Happening
Daffy Duck in Hollywood [PS] [read some class notes on this poem]
And Ut Pictura Poesis is Her Name [PS]
What Is Poetry [PS]
The Ice-Cream Wars [PS]
Blue Sonata [PS]

from As We Know
My Erotic Double [PS]

from Shadow Train
Paradoxes and Oxymorons [PS]
The Ivory Tower
Here Everything Is Still Floating
Hard Times
We Hesitate
The Desperado

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